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Interested in doing ground-breaking research with us?
We are looking for 13 PhDs and 4 postdoctoral researchers

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algosoc is a program of ground-breaking research into the relationship between technology and society, investigating how we can ensure that automated decision-making systems (ADS) respect and realise public values and human rights.

Data, sophisticated algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are making algorithmic decision-systems increasingly central to public life. In some situations, machines are even replacing human decision-making. The Gravitation program Public Values in the Algorithmic Society investigates how we can ensure that (semi-)automated decisions respect and realize public values and human rights. The program promises to break new ground with its interdisciplinary research and integrated vision of the relationship between technology and society.

Justice as an institution safeguards fundamental standards and protects the conditions for exercising fundamental freedoms in society.


The health sector is essential for the well-being of individual citizens and is charged with the difficult task of reconciling public values and commercial logics.


A well-functioning media system is a precondition for people to exercise their rights as free and equal citizens in a democratic society.

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